Investment Castings offers high precision finished products in the least time and cost. The Investment Casting process combines the benefits including cost savings, desgin improvement, unlimited alloy selection, properties improvement, close tolerances, better finishes, savings in machining processsing, replication advantages and time savings.

Since Investment Casting is a ‘net shape’ manufacturing process, machining can be eliminated altogether on some applications and reduced considerably on others.

Investment Casting reduces avoidable costs like shavings and metal ships Investment Casting offers flexibility in design allowing unlimited geometry required when machining a part from bar stock. Add to this possibility of designing a truly intricate configuration as a one-piece casting and then there is no limit to the number of ways this process can be used.

Alloy selection offers virtually unlimited range of strength to weight ratios. Add this the thin-wall and coring options which are available with Investment Castings and hot isostatic pressing (which improves micro structure strength) and you have the strongest, lightest weight metal parts in existence. Weight reduction and durability are among the primary reasons the some aerospace application prefer the Investment Casting process.

Why Us?

Choice of Alloy selection
Design Flexibility
Cost Reduction
Increase manufacturing Capacity
Cut Assembly Operations
Casting Capability
Casting Tolerance